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to do that on our behalf.

Mark I. Koffsky

My VA is a star!

I want to let you know that I just came home from a major association meeting that involves scheduling 40 half-hour meetings over 4 days with people from all over the world. Chaya found this great on-line tool to streamline the scheduling process. I received numerous compliments on how easy it was to schedule meetings with me and how professional the tool looked. I am so glad to have Chaya on my team.

Mark I. Koffsky, Partner, Koffsky Schwalb LLC

Caroline Green

Naomi, our VA with Virtual Assistant Israel, is the greatest. She has taken on so many administrative tasks that now I have time to work on lots of higher-level issues. In addition, my partner and I have very different work styles, and she works equally well with both of us.

She’s incredibly organized, professional with clients on the phone and in email, eager to learn new things, and always in a good mood. Plus she loves to work! She has been hugely important for running and growing our business.

She has taken on so many administrative tasks that now I have time to work on lots of higher-level issues. She has been hugely important for running and growing our business.

Caroline Green

Shraga Bender

deal1It has been a great pleasure working with Aviela. She helped my business tackle a long to-do list and always completes her work efficiently and with a positive attitude. We have relied on her to consistently update our website and she never let us down.

I am happy to serve as a reference for Aviela and Virtual Assistant Israel.

Shraga Bender

Exclusive Merchandise Co.

Kenden Alfond

CTO-networks-logo-web1Hadassah is my "thought partner". She is methodical, thoughtful and insightful (not to mention that she works at lightning speed).

The greatest benefits to working with Virtual Assistant Israel for me are: high quality of work, completely professional services, trustworthy, and that there are multiple assistants with different skill-sets that I can use for different parts of my business (as I am a solopreneur).

Kenden Alfond

Jewish Food Hero

Ileana Bravo

CTO-networks-logo-web1I am OVER-THE-TOP thrilled with Chaya's work!! She is putting forth an excellent effort both in timely-ness, product knowledge and overall pleasant to work with.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Chaya, for all your hard work and making me and my company rock! We're already putting together some additional projects which you'll be involved with in the near future, so stay tuned

Ileana Bravo

Dan Welty

CTO-networks-logo-web1The best thing about working with Chaya is that she really keeps me on track.

Through her help we have now instituted a monthly newsletter, and Chaya was able to edit the website to include the pages/articles that went into the newsletter. Additionally, she got our client email list setup in MailChimp, and is helping us build our list there.

She is just what I was hoping for in a virtual assistant!

Dan Welty - CTO Networks

Laura Deutsch

Jennifer is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely reliable, efficient and smart and is just a genuinely nice and considerate person to have on our team. In fact, at out last team meeting, we voted her the person we all felt deserved the most credit for the seamless transition to our new website.She is not only amazing behind the scenes but is also wonderful and professional with our clients and moms in our community.

Laura Deutsch, Co-Founder


New York, NY

Dr. Sara Gottfried

Dr. Sara GottfriedMy VA is the business strategist, operations manager and right-hand woman I've always been longing for. She brings the highest integrity and focus to the table, and nothing gets overlooked or forgotten. I give her and Virtual Assistant Israel my highest recommendation, and as a Harvard-trained physician, I don't give it lightly.

Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD

Author of  The Hormone Cure (Scribner/Simon & Schuster)
Berkeley, CA

David Giller

“My VA has been nothing but spectacular to work with. She is professional, articulate, creative, understanding, bright, responsible…I could go on and on.“I can’t say enough positive things about my VA through Virtual Assistant Israel. She has written some fantastic content for me to utilize in my blog and website. She has learned how to use Salesforce, while following up with various organizations throughout NJ, reaching out to them, attempting to establish relationships on my behalf.“She is absolutely awesome, and I would be honored and delighted to be a reference for her and Virtual Assistant Israel.”

David Giller, Law Offices of David Giller LLC

Hackensack, New Jersey

Daniela Bryan

“As a global business owner, author, mother and philanthropist time is of the essence. I had worked with a virtual assistant for 8 years before finding Virtual Assistant Israel. I knew how to delegate virtually and I needed more help.

“This time I was looking for someone who could think with me and strategize how to make my systems work better for me, someone who isn’t just an assistant. Someone who could coordinate between various contractors and actually take work off my shoulders.

Laura, my virtual assistant through Virtual Assistant Israel, has been amazing. Laura jumped right in and was the main reason I could take a few days off right away. She has truly saved me time and money.

“Laura handles my CRM system, my blog, my other social networking systems, sets up conference calls and keeps my back free for what really matters. In addition, she handles all of my travel arrangements. She is working with me as a partner handling what needs to be handled without me even prompting.

“I am delighted Laura is on my team!”

Daniela Bryan, Founder

DB Coach

Soquel, California

Pam Fox Rollin

I’ve worked with a variety of Virtual Assistants in my 12 years as an executive coach and facilitator. My VA from Virtual Assistant Israel blows them all out of the water.

My VA’s writing is superb. Her research is expertly done. Her social media work is fast and on point. She is great to work with because she’s smart and insightful about content, as well as what she contributes to it. My VA is delightful to work with, and she has good judgment about when to keep plowing through a project, and when to ask for more direction. Plus, she understands how to support executives and business owners…by making our projects easier and less time-consuming for me!

Pam Fox Rollin, Founder


Sunnydale, CA

Jeff Mendelson

“I had worked with Virtual Assistants in the past - you name a company, I’ve tried them, including English speakers in the Philippines and South America. Though they were able to handle the basic tasks I assigned, their lack of business experience limited them from really helping me to manage or even grow my business. I needed someone who would be able to support me in taking my business to the next level.”

“VAs that I have dealt with in the past tended toward being reactionary. They could execute tasks, but in a robotic, reactive manner. With my current VA, I feel that I have a true partner in my business and that she is able to anticipate deadlines, potential issues and what might happen down the line. She is proactive, not reactive, and that’s what I appreciate.

Jeff Mendelson, MBA

Las Olas Technologies, Inc.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Loren Slocum

“I realized that I wanted to be spending my time and energy where my gifts are. Things that aren’t my strengths I decided to outsource to my virtual assistant.

“I have 3 businesses where I spend my time, plus I’m a mom and a wife. By having my VA focus on Lobella, I was able to get momentum on my Juice Plus business. As a result of my VA’s help, I now have teams in 8 countries who I manage, and this is all in less than 2 years!

“My VA returns phone calls for me, she writes proposals for me, she posts my events on Facebook, and she does planning with my team.

“I can just send my VA a text message, tell her to send out a few things to my team, and she handles it for me. Then, when I wake up, my VA has done the work!

“With my VA’s help, I’ve been able to grow my business and make more money all while having less stress.”

Loren Slocum, Founder


Las Vegas, Nevada

Heather Ouida

“As our business was growing, we faced a problem–we knew we needed an assistant but we hesitated in hiring one because:

1. We wanted more than just an assistant. We wanted someone who would be an extension of our company, someone we could trust to competently interact with our members and clients and be true to our voice. This type of person is hard to find.

2. We wanted someone who would be flexible with the hours, as some weeks we have more hours of work hours that were inconsistent.

“When we found Virtual Assistant Israel, we were thrilled because they were able to address our two biggest concerns above.

“Our virtual assistant through them, Jennifer, has become our go-to person for everything. Jennifer can do anything we ask her to do. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she calls someone and learns how to do it. She always says, ‘Yes, I’ll take care of it.’ We love her upbeat attitude!

“Best of all, when Jennifer writes our e-newsletter or writes emails to our members, she does it in my voice! Many of our members don’t even realize it’s not me writing it since she captured my voice so clearly.

“Our web site traffic has doubled since working with Virtual Assistant Israel. One of the reasons is because my business partner Laura and I are spending 20 hours/week on growing our business instead of doing our e-newsletter and other administrative tasks that we have outsourced to Jennifer. Since we fully trust Jennifer and know that the work is being done, we’ve also freed up our mental capacity so that we can use that energy to be creative in thinking about our business.

“If you run a growing business, I HIGHLY recommend Virtual Assistant Israel, as they will be a great addition to your team.”

Heather Ouida, Co-Founder


New York, NY

Rabbi Yosef C. Kantor

“You have made my life much simpler through the services of Virtual Assistant Israel.“I am getting a quality assistant that I could not possibly find here. My virtual assistant seems happy to have the work, and for me it has made my response to donors become far more streamlined.“Thanks very much for finding me the right person."

Rabbi Yosef C. Kantor, Director

The Jewish Community of Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Jennifer Weberman, Psy.D.

What would I do without my VA? She has left her mark in many areas of my personal and professional life, but first and foremost, she has a gift with words. Whether she’s creating or editing text, everything sounds wonderful after my VA puts her special touches to it. I rely on my VA’s support for my blog, which requires her to edit the work of multiple writers, all with very different styles. Hers natural talent for adjusting her own writing to reflect the style of the original writer is invaluable, and it always amazes me. I benefit enormously from my VA’s efficiency, her clear communication and her strong sense of integrity. Especially when she’s working on something that is near and dear to my heart, I know I can count on her to deliver solid results – and at a speed much faster than I could on my best day! I am grateful for my experience with Virtual Assistant Israel and I look forward to an ongoing working partnership together.”

Jennifer Weberman, Psy.D.  

The Parenting Playground

Springfield, NJ

Carrie Flintom, Author, Speaker, & Coach

“Virtual Assistant Israel has figured it out and unlocked the code: customer service, customer service, customer service!“From the first phone call, Virtual Assistant Israel’s professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding customer support has been truly impressive.“Their communication, efforts, and follow up in making sure each customer is happy sets them apart from all other companies I’ve ever dealt with.”

Carrie Flintom, Author, Speaker, & Coach

Heroes in Heels

San Diego, California

Molly Dick

"I run a small, successful relocation company in the San Francisco Bay Area called CROSSROADS Relocation. As a sole proprietor, I am always faced with the challenge of how to maintain the continuity of my business when traveling. With an upcoming month-long trip abroad, and knowing that I would have limited email and phone contact, I was deeply concerned about how to leave the office unattended for a month.

“I decided to give Virtual Assistant Israel a try. Skeptical at first about working with someone whom I’ve never met, after only one phone call with Virtual Assistant Israel’s virtual assistant, I was convinced that I would be in excellent hands.

“My virtual assistant has had many years in senior secretarial and office management positions (including as the Executive Assistant to the Senior Lawyer for Goldman Sachs Worldwide). In just a few hours of training via phone, my virtual assistant had grasped the essence of my business and was ready to go!

“My virtual assistant’s help in my absence was invaluable and one of the best things I could have done to maintain continuity of my existing business and to handle new business as it came in. She was absolutely wonderful in intuitively understanding what to do and how to react when faced with relocation-related challenges! I absolutely could not have gone on vacation without her!

“My virtual assistant’s superb administrative skills will take me beyond the requirements of this trip. With the upcoming wedding of my youngest son and the upcoming birth of my daughter’s first baby, I am going to need all the help I can get, and I fully anticipate that this will become an ongoing role.

“It has been a joy working with such an accomplished virtual assistant.Virtual Assistant Israel provides virtual assistants who deliver truly excellent help. I fully recommend Virtual Assistant Israel to other small business owners.”

Molly Dick, CEO


Tiburon, California

Laura Shapiro

“My American virtual assistant is handling a 2-year, ongoing research project for me, which saves me about 10 hours/week of time. As the head of alumni relations for a high school, my time is extremely limited.“Virtual Assistant Israel makes makes everything so easy, with wonderful follow-through and excellent support-tips.“I absolutely recommend Virtual Assistant Israel to others. I couldn’t ask for a better assistant, virtual or in-person.”

Laura Shapiro, Director, Alumni Department

The Branson School

San Francisco Bay Area, California

Tony Dale

“Since I travel frequently and am often left without internet access, my ability to keep up with email was being compromised, and my ability to follow up on sales calls was becoming impossible.

“My superb virtual assistant has proven to be resourceful and persistent in setting up sales visits for me. She is also excellent at following up with my prospects, especially when I am not in the country to do the work myself.

“Not only does my virtual assistant research prospective clients, but she also follows up with them after I meet with them. In addition, my virtual assistant has also set up systems to help me keep my inbox under control.

“My clients have become very used to dealing with my virtual assistant. They have commented on the high caliber of her work and appreciate her help. My clients have no idea that my virtual assistant is not local!

“I highly recommend Virtual Assistant Israel.”

Tony Dale, Chairman & Founder

The Karis Group

Austin, Texas

Annemarie Segaric

“I have gotten a number of terrific benefits from working with my virtual executive assistant.

“I had tried working with 2 virtual executive assistants in the past. Neither of them worked out. They just didn’t follow through on the tasks that I asked of them.What I love about my virtual assistant is how focused she is on taking care of the details in my business.

“Not only does she take care of my weekly e-newsletter, but my virtual executive assistant also edits my client contracts, manages my schedule (and makes appointments with my clients), filters some of my emails, and has even created new business cards for me. All of these are major time savers that enable me to spend my time working with my clients one-on-one.

“I highly recommend Virtual Assistant Israel to other business owners! I have already passed their name out to a number of my colleagues.”

Annemarie Segaric, Author

Westchester, New York

Kirk Hylan

“My virtual assistant is nothing short of magnificent.What is most remarkable about her is her level of motivation and commitment to my company. She has a stick with-it attitude that I haven’t seen locally. My virtual assistant is better than I could have ever imagined.

“I give Virtual Assistant Israel my highest endorsement and recommendations.”

Kirk Hylan, CEO

<'p>InSite Net, Inc.

San Francisco Bay Area, California

Jessica Porter

“I needed an assistant I could depend on to handle tasks for the gallery. These tasks had been absorbing 80% – 90% of my time and inhibiting me from working on the more developmental portions of the business to help it to grow.

“My virtual assistant updates contracts for me, returns business calls, reviews incoming e-mails,updates my contact e-mail and address lists, prepares materials for exhibitions, coordinates work with the interns, and more. The lists of her to-do’s is always growing.

“It is reassuring to have a dependable and reliable person taking care of things for me and the business. Working with my virtual assistant has given me more time to focus on the developmental aspects of the business."

Jessica Porter, Founder & Director

Raandesk Art Gallery

New York City, New York

Ivan Drucker

"Virtual Assistant Israel has literally transformed my business, and changed how I run my life, in the most positive of ways.

"My virtual assistant is the very definition of smart, organized, and capable -- she allows me to actually focus on the work I do, without worrying about whether I'm going to miss an appointment, forget an important task, or need to drop what I am doing to immediately respond to every routine inquiry.

"My virtual assistant also provides me with valuable peace of mind when I take a break or vacation, as it means my office doesn't have to be closed.I can now imagine growing my business in the ways that I could never have thought about before.

"Virtual Assistant Israel's virtual assistants simply let you do more, with greater confidence -- I highly recommend Virtual Assistant Israel."

Ivan Drucker, Chief Technology Expert

IvanExpert Mac Consultants

New York City, New York

Jon Dale

"I'd like you to know I'm delighted with the job that my virtual assistant is doing. I can't imagine my business life without Virtual Assistant Israel.

"My virtual assistant is amazing."

Jon Dale, CEO

Dale Interactive Group, LLC

New York & Colorado

Heather Porter

"Although outsourcing has become popular, I still found it difficult to find someone who could complete tasks at the level I needed. I run 4 different businesses and did not have the time to train someone or go on an endless search for the right person. I needed an assistant who could help create business systems, deliver amazing customer service, and continually suggest ideas for improving my business from day one.

"When I was referred to Virtual Assistant Israel, I finally found what I was looking for! Virtual Assistant Israel's systems, attention to detail, and communication style is superb. They took the time to learn more about me and then recommended the best fit.

"My virtual assistant manages my social media campaigns and market research, creates systems for my business, and she works with the high level clients in one of my businesses. I am so impressed with my VA and Virtual Assistant Israel that I actually wrote them both into the business plan of my newest project.

"I consider Virtual Assistant Israel to be one of my business partners."

Heather Porter, Founder

Sydney, Australia