Meet the Management Team at Virtual Assistant Israel

Our Management

A wealth of experience in client support and human resources

We are comfortable boasting that the Management Team at Virtual Assistant Israel is the best in the business! Our management offers:

  • Almost 20 years combined recruitment experience
  • Corporate American pedigree
  • Passion for and dedication to our business

Our Directors treasure the opportunity to provide clients worldwide with top notch talent on a part time basis at a very competitive rate. At the same time, we are employing smart, dedicated, enthusiastic women at a livable wage in Israel while empowering them to work in English, from home, within their own culture – who wouldn't want this job?

Please meet our Directors!

Yoni Cantor Wiseman, Director

An nine-year veteran of Virtual Assistant Israel, Yoni is not just the face of our website, but she is the voice of our company. Every potential client and VA begins their process with Virtual Assistant Israel via a phone call with our resident digital strategist and human interactions specialist. Prior to joining our management team, Yoni thrived on helping her VAI clients market themselves through digital media, develop strategy, write and edit online content, and manage their teams’ overall efficiency and productivity.

Technologically savvy and an early adopter, Yoni’s ability to think on her feet allows her to keep her finger on the pulse and even stay a couple of steps ahead of the game. As Director of Strategy and People Operations, Yoni is responsible for client care and support, taking our clients through the full VAI experience from their initial inquiry, needs assessment, resume review, interview followup, and general Client - VA support. Yoni’s natural intuition, initiative, organized approach, and ability to prioritize tasks help her to support both our VAs and our clients and guide them to efficiently reach their objectives.

Originally from New Jersey, Yoni currently resides in Jerusalem with her husband and 3 children.