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What We Do

From scheduling meetings to creating website content,
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virtual administrative assistant

A Virtual Administrative Assistant can do anything and everything an assistant in your office can do, often more efficiently and with a higher level of expertise and satisfaction, since your assistant loves her job!  Not only do all of our Virtual Assistants have an American phone number, they also have their own computer, reliable high speed Internet connection and home office setup, at no cost to you. 

Check out below for a (non-exclusive) list of the types of responsibilities our VAs are performing currently for our clients:
  • Administration - Run your office for you down to the last detail!
  • Marketing - Strategy, goals, audience, branding and deployment
  • Social Media - Help determine the right channels for your brand; then execute
  • Writing & Blogging - Create original content, blogs, and promotional material
  • American Virtual Assistants with American phone lines working American hours


  • Email management
  • Scheduling and calendar management
  • Travel scheduling
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Research
  • Client correspondence
  • Vendor identification, selection, negotiation
  • Contract administration
  • Client support
  • Database management
  • Invoicing
  • Event planning and management
  • Customer service (both via phone and email)
  • Reading and summarizing trade publications
  • Data entry and data migration
  • Concierge services/personal assistant
  • Documenting business systems process
  • Researching and managing digital storage solutions


  • Planning, strategy and execution
  • Discussing which medium is the best for you
  • Researching who and where your audience is
  • Managing your online presence and voice
  • Posting original blog content and content adjacent to your space
  • Daily scanning of online articles, blogs and other posts for relevant content
  • Networking with, following, and ‘liking’ other pages in your space
  • Searching on applicable hashtags to identify your potential audience
  • Consistently RT’ing and #FF’ing those with whom you are connected
  • Creatively encouraging your growing audience to ‘like’ your FB page
  • Managing your Klout rating


  • Composing original content and marketing copy
  • Website management within a CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • Identifying and recommending potential public relations opportunities, speaking engagements and interviews
  • Newsletter formatting, potential content creation, editing, production and distribution
  • Researching and deploying online education programs including webinars and podcasts


  • Authoring original content for website, blog, guest spots or hard copy
  • Editing manuscripts, books and articles
  • Learning your voice, your product, your vision and positioning – writing in that style
  • “Ghost” blogging

Is there anything your VA can't do for you?

As much as all corporations would like to boast that they can do everything and anything, we recognize our limitations and focus on our core competencies.  We believe that focusing our scope allows us to be the best at exactly what we do.

Below are the areas in which we do not concentrate, and would recommend an alternative provider should you be interested in these services primarily:

  • Graphic design
  • Sales calls
  • Correspondence via “snail mail”
  • Reception and/or Telemarketing
  • Accounting/bookkeeping and financial analysis
  • Be present in your office