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Virtual Assistant Pricing

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Pricing: a simple question with a complicated answer (which we are sure is exactly what you wanted, right?)

It depends on what you would be interested in having your Virtual Assistant do for you. All of our VA's are college-educated and mother-tongue English speakers, with an excellent command of corporate communication and phone presence. That said, they vary widely in their expertise, from back-office kinds of responsibilities like database management, data entry, taking notes, email management - to the higher (more proactive) end of things like social media strategy and deployment, project and event management, communicating with all of your clients on your behalf, creating content, blogging, etc.

On the more basic end of the spectrum, our rates are $34-$40/hour, and on the more advanced end (folks from highly recognized universities, backgrounds working for Merrill Lynch,, and international consulting houses, with degrees from places like Cornell, Rutgers, and UC Berkeley) prices range from $40-$60/hour. On large scale, more complex projects prices can range from $50/hour and up. We do not work within retainers, pre-paid blocks of time, or long-term commitments. You are billed (down to the minute) exactly the hours our VA works for you, with a low minimum of 10 hours/month.

Our management team speaks with each potential client to learn more about the client's business and needs, in order to make solid recommendations in terms of which VA would be the best fit, and discuss more concretely what price range we're looking at.

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