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Work with Jennifer

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eLearning Specialist

Work With Jennifer

Jennifer holds a Master of Science in Conflict Analysis. She honed her operational skills during her 10+ years experience managing a global eLearning program.

Jenn was responsible for managing all aspects of the program.  It was her job to ensure a successful eLearning experience including managing instructor relations, marketing, technical support and QA testing for new or updated courses.

As a Senior Consultant with WorldReach Consulting and Training, Jennifer sharpened her organizational assessment skills by conducting focus groups for corporate, government and educational organizations to help them prepare for diversity strategic planning and conflict interventions.

Jennifer thrives on helping her clients market themselves through digital media and loves to share her expertise in multicultural communication. She also helps her clients develop, write and edit eLearning programs, website content and blog posts.

Jennifer is originally from Philadelphia and currently lives in Netanya, Israel.