Why Outsource to a Virtual Assistant? And Why Specifically to Israel?

Why Outsource?

Start with your Virtual Assistant today; wake up to a clean inbox tomorrow.

"The goal [of outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant] is to free your time to focus on bigger and better things."

- Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Work Week

Working with our firm affords you:

  • College educated employees
  • Native English speaking support
  • Part time flexibility
  • Pay as you go – no purchasing blocks of time
  • Low monthly minimum commitment
  • VAs supply their own computers, high-speed Internet, phone & home office
  • Availability until 5pm EST
  • Lower cost than hiring in-office

You are excellent at what you do.  So good, in fact, that you have grown your business to the point that you can’t keep up, and need some assistance.  It makes the most sense to hire someone fluent in your language and culture to focus on the things that don’t require you personally.  For example, you are probably the best one to negotiate and close sales on your own behalf (who else would be your best representative and know your product inside and out?)  You are probably also the only one who can effectively make your clients comfortable when they experience a hiccup with your product.  These are the things that you do best, and most likely, the responsibilities that you enjoy.  Keep them.

Alternatively, are you really the only one (or the best one) to handle database management?  Do you enjoy keeping your CRM solution up to date?  Is it the best use of your time?  How about marketing?  Just because you launched and are fantastic at running the most successful pool-cleaning business in South Florida doesn’t mean that you are a blogger.  It also doesn’t mean that you don’t need a blog.  For these responsibilities, it makes the most sense to outsource to a Virtual Assistant and empower an educated, driven, dedicated resource to manage the tasks at which you do not excel, do not enjoy, or simply do not have capacity to focus on or complete.  What can you outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

We provide the ideal VA on a long term basis to manage exactly the tasks you require.

OK, it makes sense for me to outsource.  Why outsource to a Virtual Assistant in Israel, and not India or the Philippines?

Israel is one of the only places outside the United States which houses a huge community of forward thinking, educated Americans.

While outsourcing to third world countries is a lower priced option, think about how you feel when you’re on hold with your bank awaiting service, and once your call is answered, you encounter a customer service agent who insists that he or she is located in Cleveland.  You know this person is not in Cleveland.  It’s not just the accent (the United States is a melting pot, a lot of its citizens have accents!) but it’s a culture gap that is easily identifiable and glaring.  Think about how you want your business represented.  It’s easier, more fun, entirely quicker (and therefore more cost effective) to work with someone who understands who you are, where you are, why you think the way you do, and how to relate to your clients.

Israel is an oasis of technology and innovation.  What makes Israel so special and why does so much success come from a country the size of New Jersey? One can attribute it to the Israeli attitude of rarely taking ‘no’ for an answer.

The culture in Israel forces its citizens to champion new solutions every day, and those who have enthusiastically relocated themselves and their families to this culture embrace this vision.  These are the people you want supporting your business.