Hire a Virtual Assistant - Prices, Time Tracking and Invoicing

How We Track Our Time

Time tracked to the second with accurate online reporting.

We feel so strongly about demonstrating integrity and substantiating trust that we track our time down to the second.

When it takes your Virtual Assistant 27 minutes and 34 seconds to compare prices and itineraries, booking your upcoming trip to Atlanta, you are billed for exactly 27 minutes and 34 seconds.   We don’t round up, and we don’t bill in increments - Virtual Assistant prices, tracking and billing in an honest, straightforward manner.

We track our time with an online stopwatch software called Freshbooks. We searched high and low for an accurate, up to the minute time tracking software which we provide to our employees, to ensure time tracking accuracy, detailed reports and current information.

We track our hours in ‘real time.’  This means that as tasks are being completed, the timer is running, and when the task is finished, the time is ‘logged.’  Each week, our VAs email their clients with the hours worked over the course of the past week so the client can track the work of their VA. No one likes billing surprises, so the weekly summary is simply a heads-up to keep on top of expectations, especially when working within a budget.


Not only is the time tracked accurately, it is tracked by client, project and task.  At any given time, our Virtual Assistants are supporting between two and six clients.  When a task is assigned or work is to be performed, the timer begins and the VA selects which client, project and task is being performed.  For example, when Yoni sits down to tweet, she begins her timer, indicating which client she’s working for, and that she’s tweeting.  Not only does she report that she’s tweeting, she documents in the notes section of her timer what she’s tweeting about!  This way, when her client receives a report, every minute billed will be clearly accounted for.

One of the reasons our recruitment process is so lengthy and demanding is that by working virtually and logging time virtually, our company’s integrity is at stake each and every day.  We need to trust those who join our team.  In our five years in business, we have been exceptionally fortunate to have never encountered a suspicion that a Virtual Assistant is being anything less than 100% accurate in tracking time.  We believe that this speaks volumes about whom we choose to represent our firm.

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