Looking For an Experienced Virtual Assistant?

How and Who We Hire

Experienced. Educated. American. Driven.

Looking for an experienced Virtual Assistant?

Working for Virtual Assistant Israel is an attractive option. So attractive, in fact, that in our 5 years in business, we have received and reviewed over 10,000 resumes for consideration. Our Management Team has collectively, almost 20 years experience in recruitment. We know how to select the best.

Our recruitment process is rigorous:

  • Resume review
  • Writing Evaluation
  • Two hour-long interviews
  • Writing samples
  • In-depth reference checks (not name, dates & title!)

Virtual Assistant Israel recruitment can be a rather lengthy process. The first step is a formal resume and cover letter submittal. Should the work history, experience, education and skills be deemed a potential fit, the candidate completes a writing evaluation. We require a writing assessment for several reasons – first, we require that all of our VAs can produce written communication in a clear, professional, respectful manner with an excellent command of grammar and proper sentence structure.  Second, we use the evaluation to judge response time, commitment and enthusiasm surrounding the desire for this opportunity. We want our employees to embrace our assignments with passion and vigor! Third, and most importantly, writing skills are paramount to not only providing value to our clients, but also to bridging the gap between being physically present and working virtually.  Our VAs are responsible not only for communicating with our clients but for communicating with their clients.

Should the candidate complete the writing evaluation successfully, we progress to the interview stage. The initial interview gathers tactical information about the candidate's background, education, specific work experience, depth of skill and knowledge, technology expertise and availability. Should the candidate prove success in this initial interview phase, the next step is a more advanced, collaborative symposium in which we can gauge the candidate's compatibility with our "get-it-done" corporate culture and current client roster.

Once the interview process is successfully completed, thorough reference checks are performed.  Although you may be used to the very commonplace “name, dates and title” confirmation, because our reference checks are performed personally and proactively, we go beyond the standard. We inquire specifically about each candidate’s work ethic, dedication, ability to “go above and beyond” and we ask for examples so we can better understand our candidates.

Trust is paramount when hiring any employee, but when hiring a virtual employee, trust is exponentially more important.  Therefore, we insist on checking references that are direct supervisors – not co-workers, not personal references – we want to speak to the person who was ultimately responsible for the candidate’s productivity.  We want to know the ins and out of why and how the candidate ceased employment, what the responsibilities were day-to-day, whether the candidate was innovative, showed initiative, required micro-management, displayed integrity – we want to know it all!

In short, we hire experienced Virtual Assistants - and absolutely and only the best.  Our employees have it all:

  • Mother tongue English
  • College education, often at Ivy League schools
  • Experience at big-name firms
  • Enthusiasm
  • Dedication
  • Exceptional skills in administration, marketing, writing and research.

We invite you to review our list of currently available Virtual Assistants and contact us for a consultation.