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Work with Chaya Leah

Outsourced Marketing Content, Branding Support, Project Management
Outsourced marketing content, branding support, project management

Work with Chaya Leah

A rare commodity, Chaya Leah integrates solid software-savvy knowledge with project management, marketing and branding assistance, content writing and research experience. This combination positions Chaya Leah as an exceptional asset.

An early adopter, Chaya Leah entered the world of technology and content creation when the “Internet buzz” was just getting started. From the beginning, she championed the opportunity to embrace technology, often interfacing with engineering on the one hand and marketing on the other.

In every position, Chaya Leah found herself writing and editing content, and her writing evolved to such a degree that today, Chaya Leah's core offering is her writing skills. She is passionate about taking hold of a writing project and running with it. In any given week, Chaya Leah composes blogs, marketing content, articles, social media posts, and website copy for several clients. In addition, she regularly lends a hand to both clients and co-workers by editing and proofreading their content.

Her authorship includes transforming existing content into a form consequently syndicated by Huffington Post, MSN, and Fox News. In addition to her content writing expertise, Chaya brings to the table extensive online research and admin management background.

Originally from the Washington DC area, Chaya Leah earned her BA from the University of Florida, and has made her home in Jerusalem with her husband and family.