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Frequently Asked Questions

Get All Your Virtual Assistant Questions Answered Right Here

Virtual Assistant questions deserve Virtual Assistant answers.

Successful entrepreneurs make educated decisions.  We know that this means you are performing your due diligence and want the full picture of how our Virtual Assistants would support you. Over the years, we have encountered all sorts of Virtual Assistant questions from clients about who we are, what we do, how it works, and how we find such great employees!

Check out the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I call my Virtual Assistant or does everything have to be done over email?
We adapt to your individual working style. Many of our clients choose to speak to their Virtual Assistant (VA) regularly via phone and we are happy to accommodate this request. All of our VAs have a US phone number that you can call from any phone around the world, including your cell phone. We do not require you to use a computer, Skype or any specialized equipment to make the call – you dial like you’re calling anyone else, and the phone rings right to your VA as if she was sitting in the next cubicle. Some of our clients prefer to communicate electronically and avoid the phone like the plague – we can work with that, too! In those cases, we make sure to be available regularly via email, instant messenger, or Skype chat and we often set up a free voicemail repository so our clients can avoid a live chat but simply dictate directions via phone into a voicemail box if he or she prefers to avoid a more involved phone conversation.
Do I work with one Virtual Assistant or is there a pool of people available to me?
Each client is matched with one individual Virtual Assistant based on appropriate skill set and technology knowledge, availability, experience, personality and corporate culture. During the onboarding process, the client will review resumes, interview candidates, and select a VA. This is the person with whom you will be partnering long term, they will learn your business inside and out and help you with the day-to-day management so you can focus on growing your business. It is as if you have hired someone in-office, except that your VA provides her own work space, computer and phone, and is available at flexible hours on-demand. What could be better?
Do I need to purchase blocks of time?
No. We track time and invoice to the second. We don’t round, and we don’t bill in increments. Therefore, when a task takes, for example, 8 minutes and 44 seconds, you’re billed for exactly that – no more and no less. You pay only for the time you use, once you’ve surpassed our low 10 hour monthly minimum.
Is there a cancellation fee?
When you work with us, the relationship lasts as long as it is mutually beneficial. Many of our clients have worked with us for several years and depend on their VA as their right hand woman! There is no long term commitment and no cancellation fee.
Do you offer reception services?
Our core competencies include administration, marketing, social media and writing. Although our VAs certainly are professional via phone and will represent you to your clients in an exceptional manner, we do not recommend utilizing our services as virtual reception. Ultimately, it is not cost efficient for our clients.
When is my Virtual Assistant available to me?
Our Virtual Assistants are available Sunday-Thursday until 5pm EST. Some of our VA’s work on Fridays while others do not (we require a 5 day work week, but some of our employees elect to work 6 days.) In addition, as we are available during our morning hours – this means that your work is completed while you sleep! Should you have specific hours you require your assistant to be available, do discuss it during your consultation so we can make sure and match you with a VA that can commit to availability at those specific hours. Depending on the VA, we can be available 16 hours/day – from midnight EST all the way through 5pm EST!
Are your Virtual Assistants contractors or employees?
We take employment very seriously, and that’s why our recruitment process is rigorous. Each of our employees is exactly that – we are committed to them and they are to us – employees 100%. This means that they receive full employment benefits including a company sponsored retirement plan, paid maternity leave, free weekly optional training and yearly salary reviews.
How do you find your Virtual Assistants? How do I know I can trust them with my business?
Our screening and recruitment is detailed and rigorous. During our five years in business we have reviewed over 10,000 resumes to find the best candidates for our team. Each potential candidate completes a writing test to assess their communication style and abilities and is then interviewed multiple times by our management so that we can learn more about their skills and experience. If a candidate passes these interviews, we then speak with 2-3 past employers in order to get further insight into their abilities, ethics and character.
Where is your management based and where are your Virtual Assistants located?
Both our management and our Virtual Assistants are located in Israel. We employ mother tongue level English speakers who are physically located in Israel and who are legal to work in Israel (citizens or residents with work permits.) Our employees are situated nation-wide all the way from  the wine country of Zichron Yaacov in the north to the beach towns near Eilat in the South. We have employees both in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, while some prefer to live in the mountains or the suburbs.
If I want my Virtual Assistant to be familiar with my proprietary software, do I have to pay the VA to learn it?
Our Virtual Assistants are comfortable with all of the most common software packages and databases. We also employ VAs who are more advanced with certain packages – Cary, for example, is a CRM specialist and Tehillah is a WordPress expert. Laura is an InfusionSoft whiz and Jennifer is exceptional with all of the online educational platforms. Should you employ a proprietary software or a package that is less common, it’s entirely possible that your Virtual Assistant will come aboard being unfamiliar with this technology. In this case, you will need to train the VA on your particular software (or provide self-managed tutorials) and this is indeed billed time.
What happens if I’m not happy with my Virtual Assistant after working together for a few weeks or months?
We are dedicated to client satisfaction. When an issue arises, we will consult with you regarding what is missing in the relationship so we can determine the best route to solve it. Perhaps the solution includes more training, better communication, increased clarity regarding expectations or faster turnaround time. Ultimately, should you wish to switch VAs, we will present you with three alternative options, whom you are free to interview, and we’ll manage the switch!
Is there a minimum commitment?
As we cater primarily to entrepreneurs who require maximum flexibility, we keep our monthly minimum commitment very low, at 10 hours/month. That’s just over 2 hours per week. We know that client needs fluctuate and some months are busier than others and are happy to accommodate this. When you have a busy season (gearing up for a major event, launching a new website) your hours will increase. When you’re on vacation or hitting your slow season (May/June for tax accountants, for example) your hours will decrease. There is never pressure to outsource more work than is advantageous to you, and you are not committed financially to anything above 10 hours/month.
Can I pay via PayPal?
We invoice monthly and bill your credit card directly. Because we exist to make your life easier, not harder, we designed the invoicing and payment process to be as succinct as possible. You will receive an invoice on the 1st of each month for all hours logged in the previous month, and your credit card will be processed by the 2nd. This way, there is no link to click on, no phone call to make, no payment to initiate.  We process all payments via a secure, American online credit card processor and do not accept PayPal as a payment option.
How involved is the company once I begin working with my Virtual Assistant?
Our management style is very hands-on. Not only do we make personal recommendations in terms of who on our staff will best suit your needs, and then conduct a Training Call in the first few weeks of the working relationship, we stay involved long-term. We are a readily available resource both to the client and to the VA when challenges are encountered. As we’ve been in this business for over five years, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge we’re happy to share. We can suggest technologies that assist in bridging the gap between being virtual and being physically present, or point you in the right direction when an additional resource or referral is needed (graphics, website design, virtual reception, sales training, video production, etc.) We are in touch with each VA weekly offering free optional training on new software packages, social media, marketing strategies and content creation. We are dedicated to being a readily available resource both to our employees and to our clients.

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