Tools to improve productivity

Time Management Tools to Turn Your Business Around

Improve your productivity with these tools

Being a business owner, you probably have a solid work plan, an excellent execution strategy and a wonderful team.
But if you can’t efficiently manage your employees’ time (and your own) you may not be heading towards the success you’re aiming for.

We’ve collected the top time management platforms and apps to help you reach your goals while making the most of your time and avoiding distractions while working.

Improve productivity with Toggl

Toggl is an online time tracking app that will help you and your employees keep track of their time.

With Toggl’s help, you can identify the causes of workplace distraction and keep everyone focused and on-point. This app will also identify projects that are not worthwhile, so that you can prioritize wisely. This app will help you focus on your business’s overall profitability and productivity, making it an easy investment option.

You can use Toggl for free as your basic productivity tool or upgrade to one of their two premium packages with extra features.

Increase revenue using Focus Booster

This simple time-tracking app can dramatically boost your productivity.
Focus Booster will give you the perfect schedule to maintain focus, be more efficient while working and manage distractions to get more done.

All you need to do is set up a task and start the timer. Focus Booster will give you necessary break and work time slots throughout your workday.

With the perfect combo of effective working and refreshing breaks strategy, the team will finish their work more quickly and thoroughly. This app also offers reports, which will measure progress and productivity to help you find areas for improvement when the time for employee one-on-one assessments come around.

G Suite is the well-know no-brainer

Although it may be the most popular and frequently used platform, G Suite should not be excluded from our list.

Helpful for its abilities to allow for multiple team member collaboration, automatic saves and real-time updates, G Suite offers easy-to-track documentation and can be used on all devices. Once you’ve set up your folders, get creative with presentations, spreadsheets and calendar syncing. Remember to tweak your sharing and editing privileges to allow colleagues and employees to join in on the creative fun.

Trello is all-inclusive and free

We know that there are many options for project management, but many of them are pricey, don’t offer team collaboration or easy-to-navigate layouts.

That’s why Trello won our vote for the top project management platform. Hands down.

Easily integrate all of your projects into clearly-colored and marked to-do lists. Ask team members to add their projects, timelines and time trackers to make the most of Trello. Prioritizing your projects, real-time commenting and tags lay out each detail and deadline so that there’s no confusion.

Staying on top of progress, commitments and being able to plan for delays will increase your ability to oversee all of the moving pieces that make up your business.

Making your decisions

Whether you choose to try out one or more of these fantastic time management options, be sure to get everyone on board and offer a grace period while team members familiarize themselves with the chosen app or platform.


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