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Work with Ruthie

With years of experience in content management and marketing
experience in content management and marketing

Work with Ruthie

With years of experience in content management and marketing, Ruthie is a master storyteller and editor. Exceptionally skilled at team and project management, she pays attention to the smallest of details and overall execution.

A deep understanding of what drives people to engage is a huge part of Ruthie's skill set and is her biggest asset when keeping things fresh and exciting. In her role at HY Enterprise, Ruthie was responsible for leading a team of 30 writers, cultivating the highest-level content for her clients. Known for thinking outside of the box, her passion is to take something ordinary and make it exceptional.

A true team player, Ruthie will champion any task large or small. She is the friendly face you can rely on to support your customers’ needs and manage your logistics with focus and grace. With an innate capability to prioritize and execute tasks, Ruthie understands what’s important and helps your company focus on the things that really matter. Invested in your vision and goals, Ruthie takes care of business with dedication and drive.

Ruthie lives in Modiin, Israel with her husband and two young boys. In her free time, you can find Ruthie whipping up her next best content strategy. Or cookies.