Building a Better Virtual Office | Virtual Assistant Israel How to improve your business with technology

Building a Better Virtual Office

How to optimize your operations with tech

It may seem that we’re advanced with so much technology at our fingertips, but some offices still struggle to cut back on the paperwork and launch effective practices that optimize technology and tailor it to their needs. We can blame it on overload.

In order to help, we’ve gathered some of our favorite secrets to making virtual work seamless.

Google Drive is your best friend.

Put all documents and databases on there and share them with all team members. You can even track who makes changes and when. It’s the ultimate for easy collaboration.

Scan documents.

Use e-signing platforms, like Adobe’s EchoSign. There are numerous tools depending on your needs and your desired security. Make sure your email is super secure if you value that. You can use external file sharing systems, like Dropbox, WeTransfer or JumboMail, for extra large files. You can always add passwords to documents, too.

Use multimedia to your advantage.

No need to gather in the boardroom for hours discussing business. There’s video conferencing tools, like Zoom or Skype, complete with chat and share document functions. Share your screen and capture a little video to explain how to complete tasks effectively.

Informal office communication.

Both for productivity and socializing, office chat tools, like Slack and WhatsApp groups, can help keep everyone connected no matter where they are working. This is important for cohesion, and creativity. as well as building a company culture.

Project and team management.

Tools like Asana, Basecamp and Monday keep everyone in line. Organize projects, delegate, share to-do lists, deadlines and documents, all in one place. Nothing falls through the cracks when it’s all saved and organized.

Bonus point: If you’re already aiming to reduce, consider gifting your employees with reusable mugs or water bottles. It’s an opportunity to show off your brand, give your employees a small token of appreciation, and cut back on waste.

We recommend you dive in and try some of the strategies and tools. It may surprise you, once you get over the initial hurdles that come with change. Be patient, as these new systems may require some tweaking and training. There is so much potential to work more efficiently and improve your efforts for organization and productivity. Let us know how it goes!


 Submitted by Daniela