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Work with Daniela

Content Writing, Marketing, Project Management
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Work with Daniela

Fluent in three languages, Daniela is a master in refining a story for its appropriate audience. She is passionate about clear and effective messaging, and preparing targeted content is one of Daniela’s strongest skills. She learns quickly and approaches tasks with creativity and ingenuity.

Over the last decade, Daniela has worked as a writer and editor in newsrooms, assisted non-profits with fundraising and marketing, and guided companies in advertising and PR endeavors. As a professional writer with versatility, Daniela can help you write just about anything. She has excelled in providing a range of clients with quality press releases, fundraising materials, brochures, websites, social media campaigns, in-depth feature and news stories and more. In addition to covering health and the environment on Capitol Hill, she’s written for charities, food and wine companies, real estate projects and communal causes.

On the technical side, Daniela has a knack for managing websites and has a background in editing text, video, photo and sound. She has managed social media for several Israeli organizations.

Motivated by deadlines, Daniela works well independently or with a team. She’s meticulous and organized. She loves to research and tackle problems.  Experienced in executing marketing and publicity campaigns, Daniela can help your organization or company accomplish its missions.