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Work with Yoni

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Social Media Consultant

Work with Yoni

Technologically savvy and an early adopter, Yoni has the unique ability to focus on the details while still being able to see the bigger picture. She brings to the team a wealth of experience in social media, entrepreneurship and logistics management. Yoni’s initiative, organized approach and ability to prioritize tasks will allow her clients to reach their objectives.

An experienced social media consultant, Yoni earns praise for contributing new and innovative digital marketing and community management ideas.  She has implemented a number of extremely successful campaigns. As a social media consultant, Yoni's understanding of the unique needs of each client has given her a wide-range of experience in both corporate and creative thinking. She strives to help clients identify and reach the audience they’re seeking and to find and express themselves in their own voice. Yoni has both a professional and personal background as a social media consultant and has used a variety of mediums to successfully market and grow various businesses.

As an executive board member of a major annual charity event, Yoni is instrumental in spearheading digital marketing, fundraising drives and increasing awareness.

A creative thinker with strong entrepreneurial instincts, Yoni is also the founder of two successful online businesses.

Yoni currently resides in Jerusalem with her husband and two impish daughters.