3...2...1....Blast off to Social Media Success in 2016

3…2…1….Blast off to Social Media Success in 2016

Be a social media rockstar


“Social media,” as a term, was coined in the early 1990s (with 3-way competition as to who exactly used it first).

20+ years have passed. The chat rooms of AOL have given way to a plethora of bustling social networks. To make an impact, it’s no longer enough to simply show up. Showing up must be researched, planned and executed with thought.

Here at Virtual Assistant Israel, we’ve covered numerous social media topics over the past few years: from how to choose the best social media network for your business, to how to spend your time on social media, to avoiding mistakes (and more mistakes) on social media.

We’ve never done a comprehensive guide, though, and even if we had, social media recommendations often have relatively close expiration dates. So when I saw this infographic guide from Matt Banner laying out social media success in 2016, I knew that we should share it with you.

Matt goes through 5 popular social networks, their optimum image sizes, days and times to post, tools to use, and tips for success in that network. Well worth a read – and some application!

Matt’s infographic really needs no introduction, but Matt was gracious enough to write us a personal introduction. Take it away, Matt!

Hey there Virtual Assistant Israel readers, I’m Matt Banner from OnBlastBlog.com and I’m here today to ask you a quick question:

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by social media?

You know how powerful it can be for things like lead generation and content marketing, but you also know that one post at the right time, at the right size, can make all the difference in the world.

What makes things even more difficult, is the fact that every platform’s best practices are different. It’s enough to make any virtual assistant’s head spin, especially when they’re not being utilized effectively by their employers.  

Before we dive into the infographic, I’d like to offer you some quick tips about the kinds of content you should post on these social media platforms. Combine the right content with the ideal timing, headline, and image sizing for ultimate perfection!

So, what kinds of content should we be posting on social media? Well, for starters I recommend the 80/20 rule. This rule states that 80% of your posts should be helpful content, guides, and tips. The other 20% of your content can be promotional or designed to turn leads into conversions.

Here’s what you should be posting during that 80% ratio:

  • Relevant and timely content useful to your audience
  • Tips and tricks
  • How-to-guides
  • Responses that engage with comments/other posts
  • Funny content that matches your brand’s voice
  • Curated content from other businesses in your industry

The key thing to remember through all of this, is that your brand’s voice should always be consistent.

Now that you know what types of content to start posting, it’s time to learn the secrets behind today’s top 5 social media platforms! Check out the infographic below, share it with your fellow entrepreneurs and virtual assistants, and let us know how it helped you in the comments!


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