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4 Small Business Management Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

Be aware... or beware.
Small Business Management Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

Are you making management mistakes that are damaging your business? Small business management is complex and managers usually have multiple responsibilities to keep up with.  While everyone makes poor managerial decisions at one time or another, recognizing and learning how to avoid the most common management mistakes is important for anyone in a managerial position.

1. You’re Stiff As A Board

Policies and goals are important for every business, but putting these things ahead of your employees could affect your business and you could lose key employees. Be flexible. When policies need to be bent or reviewed, brainstorm reasonable solutions to satisfy each party. Today’s business world is rapidly changing, which means it’s crucial to be open to a new way of doing things. Furthermore, examine your current goals and expectations, and make sure they are realistic.

2. You’re Speaking Chinese (Figuratively)

Communication is key in every relationship. Make sure you are explaining specific projects or tasks clearly, and answer any questions. Your staff can’t complete a project if they don’t understand what’s required. Know your staff and delegate work effectively. Be open and honest with your team, and ask their opinions – it’s a sign of strength and not weakness to consider the opinions of others. Your staff will appreciate it and be more invested in your success.

Communicating clearly also means listening to your employees. Many managers listen without actually hearing what their employees are saying.  To manage effectively, it is vital to understand your employees’ needs and concerns.

3. You’re a Negative Nancy (or Ned)

Embrace positivity. Managers who only focus on the negative aspect of situations without mentioning the accomplishments of their staff create a negative, damaging workspace environment.  Your employees will become unmotivated and resentful. In every situation, look for at least one achievement to compliment employees on.

Micromanagement also creates a very negative atmosphere. Don’t dictate every detail and obvious step your employees should take. You hired these employees for a reason. Trust them and allow your employees to have the space and flexibility to reach their fullest potential.

4. You Play the ‘Blame Game’

Be accountable! Being able to admit your mistakes is an admirable trait. Taking responsibility is part of being in charge. From an employee’s point of view, a manager who steps up and displays the confidence to admit his mistake makes him more relatable. That being said, do make a concerted effort when it comes to your own personal performance. You can’t expect your staff to meet your expectations if you don’t. Be the example, not the exception.

Understanding common management mistakes and how to avoid them doesn’t come naturally for most managers. Being proactive and taking the time to consider these potential blunders is a wise investment.

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