Judgment Day is Here for Business Owners: Do You Pass the Test?

It's Judgment Day for Business Owners

Do you pass the test?

it is judgment day for business owners: take the test and see if you pass

Judgment Day is coming.

No, no one’s standing on soapboxes announcing the end of the world. And no one’s planning a film fest featuring science-fiction or Terminator movies.

But coming up next week is the Jewish New Year, when traditional sources say that the entire world is judged, as groups and as individuals. The same sources also say that the judgment calls you make in how you treat others will dictate the judgment calls made about YOU.

So at Virtual Assistant Israel, we’ve got judgment on the brain.

With that in mind, even if you’re not commemorating the Jewish New Year, take the opportunity as an entrepreneur or employer to do a little self-evaluation. Do your judgment calls about the people you work with reflect the treatment you want for yourself?

Take the quiz… how do you measure up?

As they say here in Israel, Shana Tova u’Metukah! Have a happy, sweet, fruitful New Year!

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