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Virtual Assistant Israel – Careers: [firstlast-name]
VAI Careers
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Virtual Assistant Israel – Careers: [firstlast-name]
VAI Careers

Hello [firstlast-name],

Thank you for contacting us and expressing interest in working for our company.

In the interest of being both professional and respectful of your time, we’d like the opportunity to tell you a bit more about what we do, how it works, what’s expected and our pay and benefits, so you can determine whether or not you believe employment with us might be the best fit for you.

We are a boutique firm, which means that our management team interviews each candidate personally.  Our interview process begins with a writing evaluation, continues to an interview with each of our Directors, and finishes with thorough reference checks.  The interview process can take from 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on both your availability and that of our recruitment team.

What would be required of me as a VA for Virtual Assistant Israel?
Working virtually is not for everyone.  Each Virtual Assistant is required to provide a current computer, reliable internet connection, American phone number (Skype, Vonage, VoiP acceptable) and quiet home office space to work. While many VAs work 25-40 hours per week, our minimum availability requirement is 15 hours weekly.  Most of our employees are with us long term (some have worked with us since the company was founded in 2008) and we do require a minimum of 6 months continuous availability to be considered for employment.  98% of our clients are in the USA and we therefore need to be available until 5pm EST most days, which is midnight here in Israel.  Our team members often work until late in the evenings Sundays-Thursdays.  Work on Fridays is optional and work on Shabbat or Chag is prohibited.

To be considered for the position you must be located in Israel and legal to work in Israel (Israeli citizen or in Israel with a work permit).

What’s the story with compensation and benefits?
Working with us provides very similar benefits as working for any other Israeli firm.  We pay legally with a tlush, in shekel via direct deposit, monthly.  Employee pay stubs (tlush maskoret) are emailed each month.  Benefits include inclusion in our company pension plan after six months of employment. Standard maternity leave benefits also apply.  In addition, all employees work 100% from home which eliminates any investment in wardrobe or commute.  Although we don’t actually encourage our employees to work in their pajamas, many do, management included.  Our salaries depend greatly on experience and how long the employee has been with the company, as well as education and technical knowledge.  Generally, we pay $11-$15/hour.  Although the hourly rates are in dollars and we bill in dollars, we pay in shekel and transfer dollars to shekel per the published rate of the day on the 3rd of every month.  We cover all wiring and transferring fees incurred. Of course, this means that all of our paychecks go up and down with the exchange rates.

How does it work?
Once a candidate has completed all parts of the interview process and we feel their skill set is a match for what our clients are looking for, there is a contract to be signed and we then go about reformatting the resume and writing the bio as well as putting the VAs picture on our website.  We then begin marketing the VA to new clients.  We will attempt to find attractive, challenging clients for each VA, although we cannot guarantee an instant client match as each client interviews three candidates and is free to choose whom they would like to work with (hopefully, they will choose you!).  Once a client has selected a candidate, the pair is off and running. The hours depend both on what the client is ready to delegate as well as how much the VA can proactively initiate.  Most of our VA’s manage three clients but some take on up to seven.  Basically, assuming a VA’s clients are happy, we will continue to market that VA to additional clients until the VA’s available hours are booked.

Will I have a “steady” paycheck?
The simple answer is: probably not.  It takes a bit of time to interview successfully with clients (sometimes it takes 2 days to establish a VA with the first client, and sometimes it takes more than a month.)  That said, the amount of hours each month will depend on how many clients a given VA is managing and how much work those clients have to delegate in that particular month.  There is no minimum guaranteed.  Although the clients are long term (we generally do not take on temporary projects) some of their businesses are seasonal.  We try to book a VA for as many hours as s/he has available, but this is not guaranteed.

Personally, I have been working with VAI for over 4 years, and I couldn’t be happier.  I work early in the mornings when my kids are in school, take a long break in the afternoons to be with them, and then go back to work at 7:30pm when they go to sleep.  This has allowed me to pay my mortgage for four years by working part time, flexible hours, in English, from home, with a good paycheck while raising two small kids.  It works perfectly for me, but it isn’t for everybody. 

Is it for you?  If so, please email me at (make sure to attach your resume!) to let me know and we would be happy to consider you for our interview process!

Best wishes,

Yoni Wiseman , Director of Strategy and People Operations
VIRTUAL ASSISTANT ISRAELThe Successful Entrepreneur’s Virtual Assistant
O: 917-426-1213 | E:
Connect: Facebook  | Twitter  | LinkedIn


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