What Can a VA Accomplish in 1 Hour Per Day?

5 Things a VA Can Accomplish for You in 1 Hour a Day

An Efficent VA Can Help You and Your Business Stay on Track

Things A VA Can Do For You

As a Virtual Assistant, I am often asked “What can a VA accomplish?”  Though I have worked with my clients on every aspect of running and growing their business, I narrowed the field down to five items a VA can accomplish in an hour a day.

Here goes:

Daily Correspondence

So, you’ve got a number of clients at a number of stages – potential, first-timers, repeats – with a myriad list of needs and questions. With the responses you provide to my consolidated question lists, go ahead and kiss that mountain of emails goodbye. Your clients will get the responses they need in a timely, well-written, professional fashion.

Organize and Document Business Procedures

You’ve seen your business flourish thanks to the time and talent you’ve invested. You’ve most likely also noticed that the business procedures – the flow chart, if you will – has gotten more complicated over time, and need to be streamlined and standardized. That may not be your strong point, but it is mine! Don’t let your clients and potential clients fall through the cracks due to disorganization.  You can have the most organized business in town.

Social Media Updates

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, article sites, blogging… it may not be your game, but it is THE game today to get your name and reputation seen. I can find material to post, co-ordinate posting times, keep on top of re-tweets and reply to posts in an hour a day.  Do you need a blog post written? I can do that, too, but it’ll take about…… an hour.

Rewards Program

Both common sense and statistics clearly show that client loyalty rates are far higher when you keep in touch and actively foster the relationship. Whether your budget permits an annual holiday card or a stepped program of logo-printed thank you gifts, I can get that program up and running for you.


Need to purchase supplies? I can find the best price. You also need to know what your competitors are up to, and I can find that out, too. The information you should have pertaining to your field is nearly endless. Research is required to price your goods and services, to see if you’re marketable nationally and internationally and how, (Teleclass? Webinar? Skype? And how does shipping work?) You also need to know with whom could you potentially partner to guest blog, interview, share referrals and contacts. That’s all research, and an hour a day can go a long way.

An hour. It could be used for so many things. Why not use YOUR hour for what you WANT to do and let me do what has to get done?

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