Host your next business event

7 Secrets for Successful Event Planning

Host your next business event

Organizing a corporate event is no easy task, but hosting an event can be a great way to increase your exposure to potential customers and show what your business has to offer. If your event is for employees only it can help develop stronger relations among colleagues or merely celebrate a special occasion or milestone.

Here are some tips to make your event a smashing hit!


Planning is key

Create a plan based on your budget and write down what needs to be done and when. Define the goal/purpose of the event and delegate tasks accordingly. Following a plan will help things be organized and make dealing with crises easier.

Who’s your audience?

Create the guest list based on your goals. Is this a company event for employees only? Are you trying to increase your brand’s reach? Once you’re clear on your target audience, it’ll be easier to decide what type of event you need to host.

Timing is everything

Setting the right date can be crucial to success. Avoid planning events during holidays or at the same time as another industry event that your target audience might be attending. Send your invites early so that people can plan ahead.


Set your budget early on and keep close tabs on all expenses to avoid overspending. A good way of ensuring you stay within your budget is to use prepaid credit cards.

It’s all about the food

Yes, a successful event is one that accomplishes its objectives and leaves attendees with a good feeling. However, great food, whether finger food or a full course meal, can leave a lasting impression. Pay attention to what’s on the menu and make sure it’s special.

Use the power of social media

In today’s world, the most successful marketing campaigns are run in social media platforms. Promote your event, create buzz and send a couple of emails to your list. During the event, encourage participants to post about it. And of course, #hashtags are a must.


Make sure your company’s logo is visible on your invitations, emails and promo materials. Set up a banner at your event, create napkins with your logo, and order any giveaways. The most important thing is that everyone in attendance remembers your logo and business.


In conclusion, all the little details matter and build the foundation for a memorable event. Most people will remember how they felt at your event. You want the energy to be positive and that guests feel included. Make sure there are greeters to talk to people and make them feel welcome. That’s the key to your event’s success!




Submitted by Nathalie