8 Tips to Negotiate Your Way to a Better Deal

Negotiate Your Way to a Better Deal

8 tips to come out on top

Negotiation rules every aspect of our work and personal lives, from our dealings with vendors… to the kids’ bedtime! If you don’t know how to negotiate well, you’ll either end up giving in and feeling resentful, or in an argument that could have ramifications for weeks, months or years.

Improving your negotiating skills often leads to improvement in your internal sense of calm and stability as well as your relationships with others. Here, from personal experience, is our best advice to improve your negotiations’ outcomes.

Make a good impression

How you come across the first time you meet someone is crucial. Be confident, on time and knowledgeable.

Topic research

Show you’ve done your homework and know all the details from A to Z.

Define your goal

Make sure you know what outcome you want beforehand. All of your actions should be leading toward that goal.

Look at it from the other party’s angle

Consider all your options and think what the other person wants. Listen to their needs and concerns.

Win/win perspective

Try and work out creative solutions to meet everyone’s needs. The idea is that everyone see themselves as winners when the negotiation is over.

Don’t be confrontational

Remain calm, relax and try to connect on a personal level to build rapport.

No pressure

Do not make deals in a hurry or give in on key points because you’re feeling pressure to close the deal. Always aim high and expect the best outcome while simultaneously being willing to walk away. It’s okay to recommend continuing negotiations another day to give everyone a chance to think and recoup.

Attitude is everything

Lastly, a good attitude and disposition will always come a long way when negotiating – so wear your best smile and be open and sincere.


Submitted by Nathalie