4 Surefire Ways to Ensure Your VA Can Boost Your Business

4 Surefire Ways to Ensure Your VA Can Boost Your Business

Let your VA take your tasks and run with them

You’ve been told you could benefit from hiring a Virtual Assistant (aka a “VA”), but you’re nervous that it’s going to go awry. Perhaps you’re only used to working with people onsite, or you had some awkward or failed experiences with VAs from Asia. Or maybe you’re just getting used to the idea, given all the positives you’ve heard about having a virtual assistant.

Guess what? You’re normal. Many business owners feel nervous at first about hiring a VA, but by following a few key tips, you’ll be able to assuage your nervousness. Here are some vantage points for successfully taking advantage of your VA in order to boost your business.

1.  Think of her as a member of your team.  Working virtually doesn’t mean impersonally. Even though your VA isn’t sitting in your office, she’s ready to be right in there with you. Involving your VA in the overall picture of your business will allow her to have more of a feel for your needs and goals.

Consider taking time during your phone meetings to provide updates on your business, because this information will trickle down into the tasks she completes for you. In addition, knowing about your business plans can help your VA make suggestions on how she may further assist you.

2.  Let her expand your horizons. Your VA will suggest ways that you can expand your business, along with specifics that she can help you with to actualize the expansion processes. For example, say your VA currently writes a blog for you. In doing so, she notes that your social media presence could use some upgrading, so she takes initiative and asks you if you’d like to increase your social media focus. If so, she’ll offer you ways in which she can do it for you.

There are often countless ways that a business can expand. An experienced VA knows how small businesses work online, and is happy to share her expertise with you.

3.  Be willing to delegate. You’ve hired someone reputable so that you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty. Give your VA the task, and then let it go. Sure, you might wish to review the results, but a VA’s role is to take work off your plate in order for you to focus on the tasks best accomplished by you alone.

If you’re used to being involved in every detail, letting go of full control can be a process. VAs are used to this and are understanding and patient, guiding you along the way.

4.  Don’t hold back on the types of tasks. Before you hire a VA, check if she works with a team of other VAs. This way, you can hand over all the tasks you have, and if the task load is beyond her availability, or is outside her skills radar, she will manage delegating the work among her team. You won’t need to be involved in getting someone else to handle the tasks.

If you need expertise outside the realm of your VA team, your VA will gladly research and recommend reputable professionals for the roles you need. She can even manage these outside projects.

VAs are here for you – their raison d’être is to take your tasks and run with them. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship: You have outsourced a bulk of tasks to your VA, and the VA in turn has the satisfaction of helping you out. So, go ahead, help yourself and your business by taking advantage of your VA to the max!

Got all four down? Ready to help your business grow? Be in touch for a consultation about what type of virtual assistant would work best for you.

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