4 Ways to Increase your Online Presence

4 Ways to Increase your Online Presence

Gain more followers on social media

“I do amazing work, but how do I get people to know about it?” That’s one of the most common questions our clients ask.

When it comes to social media, everyone wants more followers. A bigger following means more people are seeing (or hearing about) your message. A wider audience gives you better access to more people who will support your business and hopefully start paying for your products or services. In this age, more visibility means credibility, a fundamental for accomplishing your business goals.

So how do you reach more people? Here are four strategies to increase your networks.

Contest giveaway.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Offer an incentive if people like or share your post. Make it interactive by asking them to write a reflection or post a picture. Request that they tag or share with friends. Unveiling a new product or service? Ask for input and draw a raffle from those who submit feedback. The key is to be engaging while keeping it simple.

Give out a free product.

Yes, more freebies will win over some fans. Prepare some novel content, like an e-book or a webinar, and offer potential clients to receive it if they sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media. You can also send out a coupon code or a brief complimentary session. Like a giveaway, everyone loves getting gifts, and this may encourage your followers to engage more across platforms.

Share and connect with your colleagues.

Find your colleagues online and engage with them. Share their content and ask them to share yours. Reach out on Twitter or Facebook. Comment on posts or tag them in your posts when working together. This will widen your base while also fostering cooperation with those in your field.

Contribute to industry sites or podcasts.

If you’re already blogging or have interesting material to share, seek out some blogs, websites or local community boards that accept guest posts. Reach out to industry podcasts and offer to cohost a show. Be an expert panelist on a news show or at a trade event. Do your research to find your niche and offer to contribute while tactfully promoting yourself as an expert or thought leader.

Online consumers are bombarded with messages. They’ve got limited time and a short attention span so you must deliver noteworthy content to make yourself stand out. It may be difficult at first, but you have to give a little to get a lot! Wishing you success in growing your business tribe!


 Submitted by Daniela