Ideas for a more creative PR strategy

How to Build a Diverse PR Strategy

Creative publicity is vital to your brand

We recently discussed how to write better content and boost your marketing strategy. For decades, the industry standard was press releases and employing a stellar PR team, but now companies need to recruit several methods in order to get the word out, sell, recruit and connect. Gaining coverage and exposure is essential, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Let’s explore some fresh public relations ideas that make for stronger strategies.

1. Join networking events or industry conferences.

Pitch yourself to speak, or collaborate with a colleague to produce an informative event. Even though people are hooked up to smartphones and social media, they are still looking for that face-to-face personal connection, and are more likely to close a deal if they trust you. You have to build a reputation and what better way to do that than to showcase yourself.

2. Podcasts are all the rage!

This is some cool data on podcasts about how 67 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly and 42 million Americans list weekly. The average listener has 6 favorite podcasts. There are literally podcasts for everything! Seek out one that sounds appealing to you, work up your talking points and get on air. If podcasts are too intimidating to you, you can consider organizing webinars on your niche topics.

3. Sell yourself on social media.

Start a free Facebook group on your essential topic, share advice, keeping posting interesting content and engage in the conversation. Regard yourself as an authority and stay active. It can seem like a burden but keeping in touch with your members makes a huge difference.

4. Release a catchy video.

This may take careful planning, but capturing some buzzworthy glimpses of what problems your business aims to solve will show off your expertise and encourage your audience to seek more. Submit a talk to TED or sign up to speak at a local TED-style conference. Jump into the conversation and show off the best of what you have to offer!

5. Order and distribute giveaways.

Get your logo and brand in the limelight, whether it’s by handing out goodies at popular locales, like restaurants, malls or even public transportation centers. People like gifts, and getting creative will make your business stand out. When you make a sale, include something extra in the package to remind customers of your business.

6. Don’t ignore traditional advertising.

Decide which publications, like local bulletins or “shopper” style coupon books, or even flyers in mailboxes. People do notice signs and with a catchy ad, your brand can stand out among the crowds. Consistency has been shown to make a difference.

Get yourself noticed with a full public relations strategy. Employ a customized, dynamic approach and watch how your business blossoms.


 Submitted by Daniela