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Building Customer Loyalty in the Face of Disaster

Smooth out any disruptions with this list of dos and don'ts

In business success, it all pivots on customer experience. Key fundamental philosophies from the late marketing maven Paul Diesel can shift a client’s mindset from disaster to loyalty!

Here are some basic tenets:

  1. “If people have a good experience, you’re lucky if they tell one person. If they have a bad experience, they will tell EVERYONE.”
  2. “Empower your employees to make it right.”
  3. “It’s not the mistake. It’s how you fix it that will be remembered.”

The moment of doom. You made a mistake, or gave the impression of one. Your customer has a lot at stake. It does not matter what is genuine or imagined; balanced with equity or colored by great exaggeration. This customer is dissatisfied and it is YOUR job to fix it!

YES YOU CAN smooth the edges!

Here are some basic dos and don’ts:

DON’T blame to the customer.

DO validate! “Mr. Perplexed, I see how our system is confusing. I’ve corrected that for you. ”

DO take action! Tell the customer how their outpouring of rage helped. “Mr. Vexation, we really appreciate your informative feedback about our system. Our tech team has streamlined that process! I’ve applied 15% and free shipping coupon to your order.”

DON’T say, “There is nothing I can do”! Even doctors treating terminally ill patients know that this is NOT the thing to say!

DO reassure the client that you value them and DO be a solution-seeker!

If the situation really doesn’t have a solution you can provide, DO offer them SOMETHING. “Ms. Widget, I’m sorry we don’t offer the service you are looking for … I’m doing some research to try and source some leads for you. Meanwhile, I’ve emailed a free 60-day trial of our product. I hope that keeps you on track while we work to help you find a more permanent solution.”

Can you guess what happens next?

Lose A Little, Gain A Lot

The above example alludes to employee empowerment. When management allows employees to make decisions that are dollar-wise and penny-foolish, they have more latitude to protect the future of the relationship.

It’s the reason Starbucks has a beverage satisfaction guarantee. It does not matter if Muffy decided just before her very last sip that her Venti quad-shot pumpkin spice caramel macchiato with three pumps hazelnut was not to her ultimate satisfaction. Muffy is getting a second one for FREE. Guaranteed.

DO be humble! Listen actively to concerns expressed. Sometimes, all it takes to turn a potential disaster into an unbreakable bond is genuine consideration. When people feel like you are partnering in their outcomes, you gain their trust.

DON’T be complacent!

DO self-assess!

DO see your client as the most vital part of your business!

DO empower yourself to right that wrong and FAST!

A laissez-faire attitude translates to lukewarm loyalty. Refocus that attitude!

DO invest in customer success!


 Submitted by Darcie