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Ideas to boost your content strategy

Write better content and get more publicity

Any marketing writer knows how to write a stellar press release, with its formalities and meticulous details. It’s always important to announce news about your company and promote yourself, but are press releases worth the effort?

Only if they are done properly.

Most news sources aren’t running standard press releases anymore. They are tight on space and high on demand to provide good content that dazzles readers. Even crowded websites are looking for well-crafted press releases that tell a story. Readers glance over spammy press releases so focusing your efforts on them hurts your content strategy and detracts from the main goal: to stay relevant. That means content writers and marketers need to get more creative.

Instead, craft moving content that tells a story and showcases your business. This will help you gain coverage.
Want to get in there? Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Find a good story.

Take the right angle, especially anything that will appeal emotionally or have a human interest. What’s the takeaway? Is there anything new to share, like findings from a study?

Explain why your story matters.

What impact does it have? What’s unique here?

Present facts and cite sources.

Use data when you can and quote the experts from your organization. When done cleverly, this could be a simple way to promote your products or partners.

Write sharply and mimic the tone to the media outlets you are pitching.

Match the voice and speak directly to your audience.

Consider your media list.

Are you sending to a long list or have you cultivated relationships? Honing the message to specific outlets, especially ones familiar with you and your field, can move the needle on gaining coverage. Get the niche right and tailor the pitch appropriately.

The bottom line: keep it short. Everyone is busy, especially news editors. They are looking for tidbits of new and interesting information. Take example from social media, where people posts bursts of information and share them. That’s the goal: short, shareable, jazzy content that gets your information out to the public in the most relevant way.


 Submitted by Daniela