Top 4 reasons why COVID-19 might be good for your business - Virtual Assistant Israel How Covid-19 could be good for your business

Top 4 reasons why COVID-19 might be good for your business

There’s a lot of bad news for businesses due to the effects of COVID-19. Worldwide, social distancing has struck small businesses, with many having to halt operations entirely. School closures have disrupted routines, and unemployment is on high. Economists are projecting hardships for the months and years to come. It’s a crazy time for everyone, with uncertainty consuming our minds and blocking us from getting much done, even if we are working.

Yet with any challenge, benefits exist. Let’s explore the 4 biggest advantages for your business during the COVID-19 crisis.

Go digital

Telecommuting has finally become normal. We have yet to see the full impact, but we know that major corporations worldwide have moved thousands of employees to remote work. Since the bulk of business is being done digitally, this is the perfect time for your business to improve its virtual presence. This ranges from building or updating a website, creating products to sell, running webinars and e-courses, or finishing up that app. Even musicians are playing gigs via Zoom. The sky’s the limit and this is the perfect time to beef up your online presence.

Get organized

Organization often goes to the wayside when we’re so caught up in the busy hustle of life. Some business operations may need more attention and this is the perfect time to do it. Square away your billing process, document your procedures or catch up on your blog or social media. You finally have the time to think and get some essential or tedious tasks cleared.

Pick up a passion project

Just like that, we’ve been given some breathing room to think and dream. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do or learn? Now you have some time to explore, learn and create. Maybe you’ve had a great podcast idea, or want to learn a new language. Dive into those ideas and use this time to create.

Enjoy the downtime

Stress and burnout are real. If you’re working less than usual, choose to view that positively. It’s time to realign, enjoy your family or deep-clean your home (if you’re so inclined!). You can bask in the slower pace, using it to recharge and ponder your goals.

What’s been working for you even during the pandemic? Share with us some of your best tips and the advantages of working during this time!


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