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Work with Elana

Content Writing and Social Media Marketing

Work With Elana

Elana has dedicated the past 5+ years to honing her content writing and social media marketing expertise. Along with her specialization in website content, editing, blogging, e-newsletters, brochures and social media monitoring and engaging, Elana’s background in program coordination means that she also knows a thing or two about organization, planning, scheduling and administration!

Elana has excellent verbal and written communication skills, always meets deadlines and is a passionate writer and editor. She has ghost-written numerous blogs and written online web content on a wide variety of topics, always following up with vigorous social media marketing and making sure all SEO fundamentals are in place. In a field as dynamic as social media marketing, Elana always stays on top of the latest trends in SEO in order to apply them to her client’s marketing strategy.

Elana’s background includes work for non-profits and start-ups. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to understand the nuances of each company she works with, and work well with its team. She quickly and fully grasps the service or product they want to market, which enables her to craft clear and appealing content as well as an optimization program.

Originally from New Jersey, Elana received her B.A. from Yeshiva University, and continued her on to receive her M.A. in English Creative Writing from Bar Ilan University in Israel. Elana now lives in Israel with her husband and daughters.