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Work with Darcie

Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategist

Work with Darcie

Darcie brings 25 years of experience in business support to our team. She has worked extensively in academic administration and offers 15 years of media publicity experience (print and online). Darcie's avid research skills and dedication to customer success has led her to many opportunities to participate in a myriad of projects supporting EVP-level executives, faculty, celebrities, and other high-profile individuals. No matter the client, Darcie delivers the same level of quality and care to each and every person she serves to support.

Darcie possesses a high caliber writing background. Press releases she wrote and distributed were picked up by mainstream magazines and major city newspapers throughout the United States and abroad. Darcie's skill for longstanding relationship development, paired with helping craft a custom voice for her clients by streamlining their mission and their outward facing content is well-recognized. Darcie has built a lasting reputation for her networking and client relations aptitude.

Darcie has served in various roles and capacities in the music industry, higher education, academic publishing, academic lending, real estate, legal, insurance, and financial realms. She is adept at using and learning many business applications but is equally capable in low-technology environments. She is comfortable navigating in both new school and old school business approaches; cutting-edge and conservative.

She has worked with people from all over the world and is a strong believer in building cultural competency. Darcie's personal mission is to ensure that with every single interaction and piece of communication clients, colleagues, and constituents feel highly valued.

Darcie holds a bachelor's degree in Music Business/Management from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and has completed some graduate-level studies as well. Her coursework was heavily concentrated on legal issues, contract negotiation, public relations, conflict resolution, and diverse management strategies. She and her husband reside in the Modi'in area.