SEO Virtual Assistant for Busy Digital Marketers: Work with Aviva

Work with Aviva

SEO Virtual Assistant, Content Marketing, Social Media
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Work with Aviva

Capitalizing on 7+ years experience in SEO and digital marketing coupled with a background in adult education, Aviva excels at teaching small business owners how to effectively  reach their target audiences online.

In addition to her expertise in social media, email marketing and content creation, Aviva holds extensive knowledge in the field of  SEO (search engine optimization.) She prides herself on developing individualized search marketing strategies for each client she works with as a virtual assistant. Small business owners applaud Aviva for her focus, creativity, and willingness to master new skill sets on the fly.

Aviva is also passionate about writing. She has helped educators transform their lectures into published books. She is meticulous about checking and documenting primary sources. In addition, Aviva ghostblogs and creates original marketing content for her own and clients’ websites.

Originally hailing from New York, Aviva now lives with her husband and three children in a small town just outside Jerusalem.