How a Virtual Assistant can Become Your Community Manager


Growing a Community;  Building a Business

Mommybites is a relationship network that makes moms’ lives happier and easier. Through their in-person and online events, Mommybites connects moms to moms, moms to experts, moms to education, and moms to the best parenting resources available.

Virtual Assistant Israel began working with Mommybites three years ago. As Heather Ouida, co-founder of Mommybites, comments;  “We wanted more than just an assistant. We wanted someone who would be an extension of our company, someone we could trust to competently interact with our members and clients and be true to our voice. This type of person is hard to find.” 

We instantly matched Mommybites with a VA who had not only the necessary administrative and marketing skills to carry out the required tasks, but also the right persona to serve as the point of communication for the company - the Community Manager.

"In our three years together, Virtual Assistant Israel has helped facilitate Mommybites’ tremendous growth from a local NYC based organization to one that has expanded nationally" explains Heather.

Our VA began by supporting Mommybites with administrative tasks, adding new members to the database, distributing the weekly newsletter via MadMimi and organizing events via EventBrite.  As the Mommybites community grew, and our VA became the Community Manager and point of contact for Mommybites members, the role expanded.  Jennifer now helps with the weekly newsletter, updating and maintaining information on the website and planning and organizing events including a major yearly summit.  She is the Mommybites voice.

One year ago, Mommybites began its biggest change – a total revamp and redesign of their website.  Jennifer seamlessly managed the transition, effectively posting content on the original site to keep it live, while learning the intricacies of the new site and making sure it was ready to launch.  Jennifer handled this transition with such expertise and flair that she was asked to manage all aspects of the website’s blog, including vetting potential bloggers and tapping into the skillset she developed by earning her BA degree in English to edit all blog submissions.  She was even asked to contribute content herself.

“Our Virtual Assistant through VAI, Jennifer, has become our go-to person for everything. Jennifer can do anything we ask her to do. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she calls someone and learns how to do it. She always says, ‘Yes, I’ll take care of it.’ We love her upbeat attitude!” – Heather Ouida

As Mommybites grows and expands on a national level, Jenn, as the Community Manager, is often the point person on how to best manage their website and make use of the robust system in place.  In addition, she writes and distributes weekly newsletters, frequently posts on Facebook on their behalf and manages their monthly webinars.

Jenn enjoys her dynamic role with Mommybites and frequently relies on her prior work experience in eLearning to put together the best strategies to execute successful online events and the dynamic communication that best engages the Mommybites community.

Mommybites’ founders, Laura and Heather are thrilled to be working with Jenn and credit Virtual Assistant Israel for their tremendous business growth:

“Our web site traffic has doubled since working with Virtual Assistant Israel. One of the reasons is because my business partner Laura and I are spending 20 hours/week on growing our business instead of doing our e-newsletter and other administrative tasks that we have outsourced to Jennifer. Since we fully trust Jennifer and know that the work is being done, we’ve also freed up our mental capacity so that we can use that energy to be creative in thinking about our business.” – Heather Ouida