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Put 60 Virtual Assistants, over 300 clients and 7 years into a pot, whisk furiously, and out comes some collectively powerful outsourcing experience.  We began this Virtual Assistant blog to showcase recommended tools and talents. We’ve learned a lot about propelling entrepreneurs to success in their fields of choice. The blog's purpose is to introduce you to the Virtual Assistant realm. We'd like the opportunity to walk you through what we do, how well we do it, and how much we love it.  We enjoy being “the guy behind the guy” and making everything look effortless.

We invite you to peruse our tips and expertise on marketing, SEO, ghost writing, social media, blogging, event planning, efficiency and more. Learn about what your Virtual Assistant can do for you, for your business, targeting your audience, in your niche.

May 28, 2017

The 3 Step Process to Creating Content Your Market Will Devour

How much content is out there on the web? On hosted blogs alone, the number hovers around 2.5 MILLION blog posts a day. And that doesn’t include the rest […]
Apr 19, 2017

How to Snooze Emails – So You Never Forget to Deal With Them

“I’ll respond to that email later.” But all those incoming emails into our inboxes can bury the email we were going to deal with “later.” And too often, out of […]
Feb 28, 2017

Write Emails Faster with Canned Responses

Do you ever need to send the same or similar emails and wish Gmail had a feature where you can store templates? Well, guess what? They do! Canned Responses is […]
Feb 12, 2017

Keeping Your Gmail Inbox Super-Organized with the Gmail Star System

Gmail has great features to help you keep your emails organized and stay on top of important emails. The Gmail Star System with Quick Links is a super helpful system […]
Jan 16, 2017

Gmail Quick Links: How to Always Find Your Important Emails

The champagne is finished, the partying is done… and now it’s time to make 2017 your MOST ORGANIZED YEAR EVER! Our crackerjack admin VAs are brainstorming to pick out their […]
Dec 20, 2016

Make 2017 the Year of Getting Organized with Strategies from Admin Pros

2017. It’s coming. If you’re among the two-thirds of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions, the phrase “get more organized” might be floating around your mind kind of like a […]