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Branding (and Rebranding) Basics

All Businesses Need a Brand, Are you Ready to Develop Yours?

Put 60 Virtual Assistants, over 300 clients and 7 years into a pot, whisk furiously, and out comes some collectively powerful outsourcing experience.  We began this Virtual Assistant blog to showcase recommended tools and talents. We’ve learned a lot about propelling entrepreneurs to success in their fields of choice. The blog's purpose is to introduce you to the Virtual Assistant realm. We'd like the opportunity to walk you through what we do, how well we do it, and how much we love it.  We enjoy being “the guy behind the guy” and making everything look effortless.

We invite you to peruse our tips and expertise on marketing, SEO, ghost writing, social media, blogging, event planning, efficiency and more. Learn about what your Virtual Assistant can do for you, for your business, targeting your audience, in your niche.

Sep 30, 2013

Branding (and Rebranding) Basics

What’s in a name? Or to put it fully, what’s in a name and a logo all rolled into one? Your brand. Businesses small and large need to project a […]
Sep 23, 2013

Pick Up the Phone! It Can Boost Your Digital Marketing

“Phone?” you ask, “What’s that? Oh, you mean the pocket-sized device I check email, Facebook and text people with?” Well, yes… but you know, its original usage involved voice-based conversations. […]
Sep 16, 2013

10 Best Tasks to Delegate and Why

Given that we Virtual Assistants aren’t normally hawked in a State Faire booth by some loud-mouthed, greasy-haired announcer proclaiming that “This handy little device slices, dices and crawls on its […]
Sep 9, 2013

Data Delegated: Outsourcing Research Tasks

Research is one of the most popular responsibilities to outsource to a Virtual Assistant. While you might know what topic you’d like researched, it may not be the best use […]
Sep 2, 2013

Building and Utilizing Your Email List

Captive Audience. Don’t those words sound like magic?  A group of people just waiting to hear what you’re about to say – your latest words of wisdom from your blog, […]
Aug 26, 2013

5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

I love WordPress. I do. Part of my love could stem from the fact that the other content management systems I’ve had exposure to were clunky, proprietary programs that drove […]