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Hilary Faverman

How and Why You Need to Manage Your Web Footprint

Put 60 Virtual Assistants, over 300 clients and 7 years into a pot, whisk furiously, and out comes some collectively powerful outsourcing experience.  We began this Virtual Assistant blog to showcase recommended tools and talents. We’ve learned a lot about propelling entrepreneurs to success in their fields of choice. The blog's purpose is to introduce you to the Virtual Assistant realm. We'd like the opportunity to walk you through what we do, how well we do it, and how much we love it.  We enjoy being “the guy behind the guy” and making everything look effortless.

We invite you to peruse our tips and expertise on marketing, SEO, ghost writing, social media, blogging, event planning, efficiency and more. Learn about what your Virtual Assistant can do for you, for your business, targeting your audience, in your niche.

Dec 29, 2013

What Is A Web Footprint?

Nope, not Bigfoot meets Spiderman in a dark alley. Let’s first rewind 40 years.  Wait, that only puts us at at 1973. I’m so old. So let’s rewind 50 years, […]
Dec 23, 2013

Now That You’ve Recruited the Best, How Do You KEEP the Best?

There has been a lot of talk lately about employee retention. It’s one thing to identify and recruit top talent, and entirely another to keep it. What does it mean […]
Dec 9, 2013

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now

A fledgling accountant once advertised a free 90 minute lecture at my local community center on how to claim your child tax credit. In flocked lots of paycheck-to-paycheck parents (myself […]
Jul 15, 2013

Google, The Great and Powerful (Part 1)

We didn’t grow up with cable TV. That meant we got 6 channels (my father said that he had children so that he wouldn’t have to buy a remote control […]
Jun 20, 2013

Are Entrepreneurs Confusing Passion With Irrationality? Thoughts from the Israeli Presidential Conference

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the 5th Annual Israeli Presidential Conference today as a member of the press and blogging community. For reference, let it be known that […]
May 28, 2013

Three Interviewing Secrets HR Won’t Tell You

So, you’ve determined that you need assistance or support. Now what? You’ve never interviewed anyone in your life. Selecting a caterer for your wedding 10 years ago doesn’t exactly qualify […]